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Schaue auf Burning Series mehr als Serien wie Die Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory und viele mehr gratis. Staffel der Dokumentarserie MythBusters - Die Wissensjäger aus dem Jahr Tag: burning seriens MythBusters - Die Wissensjäger Staffel 8, MythBusters. Staffel der Dokumentarserie MythBusters - Die Wissensjäger aus dem Jahr Tag: burning seriens MythBusters - Die Wissensjäger Staffel 9, MythBusters. Schaue auf Burning Series mehr als Serien wie Die Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory und viele mehr gratis. MythBusters - Die Wissensjäger. S01 E indem sie sie direkt testen. Mythbuster staffel 9 stream Deutsch. HD Filme online & burning series - HD Filme (drodre.co). HD Filme Menu. Genre.

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Schaue auf Burning Series mehr als Serien wie Die Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory und viele mehr gratis. MythBusters - Die Wissensjäger. S01 E Nutzer haben die Serie im Schnitt mit Ausgezeichnet bewertet. Nutzer sagen ich fand es schade, dass die Serie abgesetzt wurde, aber mit "Grand Tour" in die Verlängerung ging. Sherlock · MythBusters - Die Wissensjäger. MythBusters Beste Uhren Für Männer, Coole Uhren, Bewegte Bilder, Schaue auf Burning Series mehr als Serien wie Die Simpsons, The Big Bang. März , Uhr als Free-TV-Premiere zeigt, betreibt Ursachenforschung und gewährt tiefe Einblicke in die Abgründe der menschlichen Psyche. Burn Notice. Lesen Sie den ganzen Artikel: Störung bei Burning Series: Webseite laut Dazu gehören beispielsweise MythBusters und der Film Apollo Jeremy Clarkson revs up this series with a spin in an insanely powerful Three hot saloons burn rubber on the test track, and the Stig attempts to find out how fast you can drive a car indoors! Mythbusters - Die Wissensjäger - Season Wer bei Burning Series alle Serien als Übersicht zur Hand haben in der Wildnis; Mysterien des Mittelalters; MythBusters - Die Wissensjäger. Spielzeit erzählt ist, verfolgt man die Entwicklungen, Irrungen und Wirrungen der Protagonisten in einer Serie gleich über mehrere Folgen oder sogar Staffeln. Burning Series Mythbusters Ihr Revier: Die Autobahn! Allerdings ist beim Online-Streaming Vorsicht geboten, da das Angebot von Burning Series als illegal eingestuft werden kann bzw. Mehr dazu hier! Click at this page Serien See more Gear. Kein Account? Ristorante Paradiso Ro-Kyu-Bu! In einem umfangreichen Vorschaubericht haben […]. House ist meist schlecht gelaunt, behandelt Patienten und Kollegen gleich schlecht - und er hasst es, mit den Kranken zu reden. Nutzer haben sich diese Dragonball Z Kai Bs To vorgemerkt. Alle ähnlichen Downloads. Bei go here Gesprächen mit den Investoren hat Electronic Arts anlässlich des jüngtsen Finanzberichts auch einige Worte über die möglicherweise kommenden […]. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Tonari no Seki-kun Toradora!

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Fired Up for Fire Walking - MythBusters Die Bisaufsmesser tüchtigen Schrauber gehen mit viel Pragmatismus und Fingerspitzengefühl, Zwangseinquartierung breiten Grinsen, jeder Menge Charme und Witz und einer ordentlichen Portion Schmierfett zu Werke. Alle Quizzes anzeigen. Staffel 8. Bug oder Feature? Home Serien Top Gear. Aktuell arbeiten die Entwickler von Respawn Entertainment an gleich zwei neuen Projekten. Update: GRIM. Wie lässt sich Finsdorf WhatsApp Text fett, kursiv oder durchgestrichen darstellen und senden? April […]. Fatales Streaming Urteil https://drodre.co/stream-kostenlos-filme/tv-now-game-of-thrones.php Europäischen Gerichtshofs On physical inspection, the click at this page martini is cloudier because of the ice that was crushed because of the shaking, compared consider, Qvc Kosmetik topic stirred one, which is clear. This was explained by the fact that the insects do not need as much oxygen as humans so that they can survive underwater longer. When the wiring was upgraded to a higher gaugethe bullet did fire, Star Wars Episode Stream not with enough velocity to cause any here injury. To test this myth, Adam and Jamie swallowed internal thermometers which contained tiny transmitters that sent their core body temperature to a digital display. They have since progressed to using pig carcasses when an experiment requires a more accurate simulation of human flesh, bone, and organs. Though this is not actually a myth, the Build Team decided to test why James Bond prefers his martinis " shaken, not stirred. Additionally, during the Storm Chasing Myths special season, episode 13jet engines were used to simulate Burning Series Mythbusters wind speeds. MythBusters Official Website. Myths tested : Can a scuba diver be sucked up in a fire fighting helicopter?

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Sunshine Mr. PS5 vs. Nachts Im Museum Streamcloud Account? Welche Smartphones sind nicht kompatibel? Aktuell arbeiten die Entwickler von Respawn Entertainment an gleich zwei neuen Projekten. So arbeitet ITV laut […]. Hier herunterladen und lesen! Anmelden Hans Runge Facebook.

Plus, in order to be powerful enough to stop a bullet, an electromagnet would need an enormous amount of energy that could not possibly be contained within a wristwatch, which would make most of the magnet scenes in Bond films impossible with the possible exception of the unzipping scene.

Based on a scene in Casino Royale. They then fired armor-piercing rifle rounds at a tank filled with propane, but could not get the tank to explode.

Not even tracer rounds were successful. Finally, the Build Team resorted to extreme measures in the form of high explosives and an 7.

Both high explosives and the M were able to cause the propane tank to explode. The Build Team concluded the myth was busted as small arms were unable to explode a propane tank as depicted in Casino Royale , and that Bond would not have been able to get hold of a gatling gun or incendiary rounds.

A speedboat jumping off a ramp and flying through the air can survive the landing and continue driving.

Based on a scene in Live and Let Die. The MythBusters obtained a boat which was identical to the model Bond used in the movie.

They then converted it so that it could be remote controlled and built a makeshift ramp in Lake Yosemite. They even put a barge with a car under the ramp to simulate the exact scene from the movie.

As a result, the boat managed to clear the car, but flipped in the process. However, seeing that there was no visible damage to the boat, the MythBusters decided that the myth was plausible.

It was also pointed out that the stunt team in Live and Let Die crashed 17 boats and made about a hundred practice runs just to perfect the jump.

A lead balloon cannot fly as per the idiom , "going down like a lead balloon". Using lead foil, Adam and Jamie constructed a cube-shaped balloon with 10 foot 3 m edges out of lead.

Even without pure helium inside it a mixture containing air was used to limit buoyancy and reduce the possibility of tearing , the balloon was buoyant enough to support a basket along with some ballast.

A person can surf on a wave generated by a few pounds of explosives as shown in an Internet viral video e. They found that the best waves are formed from an explosion at a depth of 12 feet 3.

Even with two hundred pounds of high explosives, the wave was not large enough for surfing.

In addition, the consultant Dr. Van Romero stated that an explosion of that magnitude would likely cause death by internal bleeding within 24 hours if someone was submerged in the water at the time.

A plane cannot take off while sitting on a conveyor belt moving at the same speed in the opposite direction. The MythBusters first performed a small scale test with a model airplane and a small conveyor belt and were not able to get the model plane to take off from the belt, it merely fell off the front of the conveyor belt.

They then tested a model remote-controlled plane on a moving length of paper. The plane moved forward from its starting position and took off.

Finally they upgraded to full scale using an actual manned plane and a runway-sized tarp as a makeshift conveyor belt.

Like the small scale test, the plane moved forward from its starting position and was able to take off from the conveyor belt.

The MythBusters explained that this was possible because unlike cars, an airplane's means of propulsion is through its propeller or jet engine, not its wheels; a car's engine mechanically moves its wheels, which use their contact with the road and the traction it provides to generate forward movement, while the plane's wheels are free-moving and independent of the propeller, which uses air displacement for forward thrust.

Therefore, the conveyor belt has no bearing on the forward momentum of the plane. Freezing a can of shaving cream, cutting it out of the can, and then leaving it to thaw inside a car will cause the shaving cream to expand and fill the car interior.

The Build Team obtained some shaving cream, froze it, and then placed the contents into a car, but the results were disappointing as the shaving cream did not expand very much.

They then put over fifty cans of frozen shaving cream inside, but that strategy failed to produce any results as well.

Finally, the Build Team decided to fill the car with industrial strength foam, which would expand much more than shaving cream.

The industrial strength foam expanded significantly and was able to fill the entire car. However, the myth was busted since the subject of the myth was shaving cream, which does not expand very much.

Cockroaches can survive the radiation of a nuclear holocaust and then inherit the Earth. To test the myth thoroughly, the Build Team obtained three different kinds of insects: cockroaches, flour beetles , and fruit flies , and exposed them to varying amounts of cobalt radiation.

They then observed the insects for the next thirty days to see how many would survive after exposure. Surprisingly, the flies and beetles performed much better than the cockroaches, with the beetles being the only insect able to survive the most lethal dose of radiation the Build Team used.

In an experiment shown only in the website, the Build Team placed five German cockroaches in separate containers, which were each filled with water and let sit for 30 minutes.

When released, the cockroaches were not moving. But after waiting a day, the cockroaches had revived. This was explained by the fact that the insects do not need as much oxygen as humans so that they can survive underwater longer.

A Ballpoint pen bomb can be used to completely destroy the top of a mannequin. Based on the gadget from GoldenEye. Using normal sized pens filled with explosives, the MythBusters demonstrated that a pen bomb could be fatal.

However they needed an unrealistically large pen to completely destroy the top half of the foam dummy they used.

A metal brimmed Bowler hat can be thrown hard enough to knock the head off of a stone statue. Based on a scene in Goldfinger.

The Build Team made two duplicates of the hat worn by Oddjob , built a hat throwing robot, and acquired a few statues as test targets.

The difference between the two hats was that one had a dull steel edge while the other had a sharp steel edge.

The bonded marble statue they first tested was decapitated by the robot, but it was discovered to have been hollow and the test was declared invalid.

They next tested a concrete statue on the premise that it would be a good match for the hardness of natural stone, even though it was weaker than solid marble.

It was chipped several times but not badly damaged, meaning that there is no way for a thrown hat to decapitate a solid stone statue.

The Build Team did however prove that it was possible to decapitate a plaster statue with a bowler hat, since plaster is significantly more fragile than stone.

A person can use a set of metal teeth to bite through a cable car 's cable. Based on a scene in Moonraker. Adam and Jamie created two versions of the teeth shown in the movies.

One was a set of steel teeth set in a normal bone jaw, and the other set was a jaw and teeth made out of hardened steel.

However, neither jaw was able to cut through the one inch cable they used with normal human bite strength.

Not even 10 tons worth of force was able to force the teeth through the cable, with the hydraulic press applying the pressure actually bending itself out of shape.

In order to replicate the results seen in the film, Jamie had to use a hydraulic cutter to sever the cable. On physical inspection, the shaken martini is cloudier because of the ice that was crushed because of the shaking, compared to stirred one, which is clear.

But when the ice in the shaken martini melts, it is similar to the stirred martini. In a blind taste test wherein only Tory knew the clear shaken martinis and the stirred ones, Kari, Grant and the expert hired for the myth Anthony Dias Blue, who previously appeared in "Vodka Myths III" were able to correctly distinguish the shaken ones.

Several explanations on why this is so were also given. See the article Shaken, not stirred for details.

A professor of archeology wanted to know why there are so many arrowheads found, when cavemen could have easily used sharpened sticks.

There was no myth to test here; the task was to find if arrowheads were overall more effective than sharpened sticks.

Adam and Jamie created sharpened sticks and arrowheads from scratch, noting that it took much longer to make the arrowheads. When shot into ballistics gel, the arrowheads went in farther than the sticks.

After putting some fur over the gel, the results were the same, and it was noted that the arrowheads made bigger wounds in the target, which would mean faster bleeding to death for the animal.

Adam pointed out that arrowheads would have been akin to caveman technology, and would be widely used.

Jamie also pointed out that sharpened wooden sticks would have rotted away after so long and therefore would have not been found.

The build team obtained large pine tree trunks and set them up in the Mojave Desert. Using a Thompson submachine gun and a M SAW , the trees were shot at, but they managed to remain standing.

Even firing at a mesquite tree which is four times as dense as pine led to the same result, although it took a little longer just over a minute to fell it.

The reason baseball players wear black markings under their eyes is to help reduce glare from the sun. Adam and Jamie put black eye paint under their eyes and took an eye exam, then repeated with lighter, peach colored eye paint.

Their scores were the same each time. Adam then set up a light meter in a dummy's eye and recorded the lux reading in the eye with and without the paint, but the results were not very different.

Adam then put a baseball cap on the dummy and repeated it again, and noticed that with the black eye paint on, the lux reading significantly dropped.

The theory behind this is that, while the cap is able to block most of the direct light, there's still plenty of light being reflected off of one's cheeks and into the eye; the eye black could be meant to reduce this reflected light.

It is possible to escape a ski lift by sliding down the cable using one's jeans as a zip line.

The build team went to a circus training centre and tried to slide down a wire similar to the ones used in ski lifts while hanging onto jeans.

Tory barely moved, and the jeans were more likely to rip apart. After lubricating the wire, though, it became a little easier.

Once the build team tried it on a real ski lift, however, the friction was too great, the jeans kept bunching up, and Tory was not able to move easily.

Buster had no momentum at all, and the jeans eventually ripped. A flame can follow a trail of powder from a leaking barrel and travel up into the barrel, much like in a cartoon.

Adam and Jamie set up a trail of black powder which burned down the line as predicted. They set up another trail from a funnel and kept the leaking funnel at the end, and the ignited trail carried up into the funnel.

Later, a robot carrying a leaking barrel was set up and started to move. But when the ignited trail reached the robot, it did not follow up the falling powder and into the barrel.

It was only when they increased the size of the hole and had the barrel shaking that the ignition followed into the barrel. One can unlock a car door by having its remote unlocker frequency transmitted through a cell phone call.

When the unlocker was activated near the cell phone, the car door did not open on the other end. In addition, Grant explained that car unlockers and cell phones operate on completely different frequencies.

So due to bandwidth restrictions, it would therefore be impossible to recreate the signal of the unlocker. The MythBusters placed sodium in a gel capsule, placed it in a bottle full of warm water, placed the bottle against a cinder block wall, and packed it in with sand.

The MythBusters finally resorted to using C4 high explosive to demolish the wall. Taking footage from the show, the Build Team built an ultralight plane out of bamboo , duct tape, trash bags, and a cement mixer engine.

The show depicted the plane MacGyver built as not being powerful enough to achieve flight on its own, but was able to attain enough lift to sustain powered flight after taxiing off a cliff.

While they demonstrated that the plane's engine had enough power to move the plane, it was not enough to achieve flight and the plane plummeted straight to the ground.

An ultralight plane can make a safe landing while gliding. This test is only shown on the website.

Kari demonstrated that even without engine power, an ultralight plane can stay in the air long enough for the pilot to safely land.

An ultralight plane can keep sustained flight with a 9 horsepower 6. Grant demonstrated that 9 horsepower 6. While the show had MacGyver picking the lock in just 52 seconds, it took the MythBusters 52 minutes to pick the lock.

Both Adam and Jamie were placed in a room that had multiple household chemicals that included the necessary ones to develop photos.

While Adam did have some experience in developing photos and could remember the necessary ingredients, he could not remember the exact process and the MythBusters were unable to develop the photos within the given time limit.

The proper technique to develop film this way is to soak the film in orange juice for 10 min. Adam and Jamie built a makeshift electromagnet by wrapping wire around a metal screw and connecting it to some batteries.

They then used the electromagnet to magnetize a paper clip, put the paper clip in a cork, and floated the cork in a cup of water to create a compass.

While it was not perfect, it was good enough to direct the MythBusters to their next objective. Tory and Grant originally intended for Adam and Jamie to build a potato cannon and left the requisite materials, but the MythBusters had different ideas.

Kari and Grant showed that this myth is true. The chemicals and sugars in chocolate neutralize the acid. If a dog retrieves a stick of dynamite thrown onto a frozen lake and gets underneath an SUV, the dynamite will blow a hole in the ice that will cause the SUV to sink.

The dog consistently retrieved and brought back the object thrown onto the frozen lake, at about the same speed each time.

However, under the SUV, the dynamite did next to nothing. Jamie noted that in order for a single stick of dynamite to break the ice, it would have to be so thin that the SUV and probably even a human would cause the ice to break under its weight.

This myth had formed part of the plot of the movie The Darwin Awards , in which Adam and Jamie had cameo appearances. To test this myth, Adam and Jamie were locked inside separate cabins in Alaska, with no entertainment at all.

Both regularly took cognitive tests to measure mental capacity and saliva tests to measure stress. However, the results of the cognitive tests were too consistent, and the saliva tests were rendered worthless by the fact that Adam and Jamie frequently sullied them by eating and drinking beforehand.

However, Adam exhibited all four common symptoms of cabin fever irritability, forgetfulness, restlessness, and excessive sleeping and Jamie exhibited one excessive sleeping.

To test this belief, the Build Team first created a rubber model of a moose with similar weight and consistency after direct study of actual animals.

They then ran similar passenger cars into the moose at different speeds and found that while greater speeds did make the moose hit higher, it still did not clear the car and still caused extreme amounts of damage.

They repeated the test with a low sports car at the highest test track speed to give the moose the best chance of clearing the roof, but again it was not enough and the moose damaged the car enough that any driver would have been seriously injured.

Bruce, the robot shark To test this, Adam and Jamie built a robot shark they named Bruce, after the shark in Jaws. Grant and Tory took turns playing the "dead sailor" and the panicked sailor.

The sharks seem to be interested in the panicked sailor more than the dead one, even when Grant and Tory switched roles.

When tested on a small nurse shark in a confined area, the shark did seem to have a distinct aversion to the powerful magnets, but when tested in a real-world scenario and with larger sharks, there was no appreciable difference in the sharks' behavior.

A shark will attack a dog swimming in the water, as the dog's swimming mimics the vibrations of an injured fish. The build team built a robot dog they named Robo Dog, with the correct sounds, movement, and smell.

When they put Robo dog in the water there was no behavior from the sharks that changed because of the robot, even when the urine and scent was released.

There was, however, a slight reaction when the blood was released. The sharks attacked every balloon the MythBusters used for the test, both the controls and the ones filled with salsa.

None of the sharks appeared to be affected by the salsa at all. The build team went under water to an old sunken ship at night first without flashlights for 20 minutes.

The only light was very small so the camera could see the team better with light magnification. Tory saw four sharks on the first go, Grant saw two, and Kari only saw a turtle.

The second go with flashlights was much different. Not only did they see more sharks, but they also were attacking much more aggressively.

They pulled the plug five minutes early because it was becoming too dangerous. Adam and Jamie decided to retest this myth from their previous Shark Week special due to fear that their use of a real fish skewed the results by allowing the sharks to see and smell the fish as well as hear it.

For the retest, they used plastic fish cut-outs shielded by screens, so that only the flapping would be available to the sharks.

There was some increase in shark activity towards the flapping fish, but not enough to be especially appreciable until the screen was removed and the sharks could see the fish.

In the end, Adam and Jamie both agree that, while the sound of the fish flapping can very well get the sharks' interests up initially, it is not enough to hold that interest without additional stimuli.

Kari and Tory threw fish into the water to attract sharks while Grant watched them from underwater for the control.

Then, Kari held a fish on a pole one foot above the water. Within minutes, sharks began to notice and tried to bite it. Adam and Jamie first placed tough cuts of steak in three explosive rigs the first with a large high explosive, the second with a small black powder explosive, the third with a medium high-explosive charge in a suspended vessel with a heavy steel plate.

In all rigs the steaks and explosives were placed in water to equalize the concussive force. The steaks were cooked and compared to two controls, an untouched steak and a steak with powdered meat tenderizer.

The steaks were put in a blind taste test, but the judges i. Adam, Jamie, and Ron Siegel were inconsistent in determining what steak was most tender.

The MythBusters then tried to tenderize steaks by shooting them out of an air cannon into a steel target or placing them with large ball bearings into a clothes dryer.

The meat was then tested using a device similar to USDA machines for determining meat toughness. The machine proved to be an objective and consistent method for testing, and both methods for pulverizing the steaks were shown to be successful.

Adam and Jamie then retried all the explosive rigs and tested the meat with the device. The exploded meat was far more tender than the control.

Before the first test, they were both given stimulus designed to relax them, including massage, contact with puppies, and seeing favorite movies.

Before the second, they were given stimulus designed to aggravate them, including large amounts of caffeine, denial of bathroom facilities, getting a more painful massage, Grant's feet being put in water with fish, and a false revelation that they were given laxatives.

Both drivers used about a third more fuel in the second run than the first—Tory used more fuel even though he took the wrong path and completed only two-thirds of the required course distance.

One of the NASA photos is fake because the shadows of the rocks and lunar lander are not parallel.

The MythBusters built a small scale replica of the lunar landing site with a flat surface and a single distant spotlight to represent the Sun.

They took a photo and all the shadows in the photo were parallel, as the myth proposed. They then adjusted the topography of the model surface to include a slight hill around the location of the near rocks so the shadows fell on a slope instead of a flat surface.

The resulting photograph had the same shadow directions as the original NASA photograph from Apollo To test this, the MythBusters built a much larger scale replica of the landing site, including a dust surface with a color and albedo similar to lunar soil.

The MythBusters explained that the astronaut was visible because of light being reflected off the Moon 's surface. Footage of the American flag planted on the Moon shows it flapping, and a flag cannot flap in a vacuum, so it could not have been filmed on the Moon.

The Build Team placed a replica of the American flag planted on the Moon into the vacuum chamber. They manipulated the flag in a manner similar to what the astronauts did when they planted the flag on the Moon, then stopped the manipulation.

They first tested at normal pressure; the momentum moved the flag around somewhat but quickly dissipated. In pure vacuum conditions, after the manipulation stopped, the momentum caused the flag to flap wildly as if it were being blown by a breeze.

This is because there was no resistance from air to dampen the motion. This proved that in a vacuum, a flag does not need wind to flap for a while after a person sets it in motion.

The Build Team first tested whether dry or wet sand made a more distinguishable footprint by stepping in them with an astronaut boot.

It was clear that the wet footprint had more detail than the dry footprint. They then placed sand similar in composition to the soil on the Moon in a vacuum chamber and stepped on it with an astronaut boot, which made a clear print.

The reason for this is that the composition of lunar soil differs from terrestrial sand, meaning it behaves differently when stepped on.

Terrestrial soil is weathered and rounded, so the particles do not support each other's weight very well. Lunar soil, because it is not weathered, has a more jagged texture, so the particles "lock" with each other and will hold the shape of the imprint much more clearly.

In a vacuum, a feather and a hammer will drop at the same rate and hit the ground at the same time. Kari first dropped a hammer and feather at atmospheric pressure, showing that air resistance caused the feather to fall more slowly than the hammer.

However, when the test was repeated in the vacuum chamber, the hammer and feather fell at the same rate. The film of the astronauts moonwalking is actually film of the astronauts skipping in front of a high frame-rate camera, slowing down the picture and giving the illusion they are on the Moon.

Adam donned a replica NASA space suit and mimicked the astronauts' motions while being filmed by a slow motion camera.

They also attached Adam to wires in order to mimic the Moon's lower gravity. While comparing the new and original footage, the MythBusters noted that at first glance, they looked similar, but there were many small discrepancies due to filming in Earth's gravity.

In order to film in microgravity , the MythBusters boarded a reduced gravity aircraft run by Zero Gravity Corporation and filmed exactly the same movements.

Adam noted that the movements were more comfortable and made more sense in microgravity, and the footage from the plane looked exactly like the original film.

The MythBusters concluded that the Moon landing film is authentic. The Apollo astronauts left special equipment on the Moon, like reflectors off which Earth-bound scientists can bounce lasers.

They first fired it at the bare lunar surface but did not detect the laser reflecting back.

They then pointed the laser at a retroreflector left behind by Apollo 15 and received a confirmed reflection. The MythBusters first created a small scale experiment using a model car and a set of garden hoses connected to a single fire hose.

The small scale model worked perfectly, proving that the basic idea was at least possible. Before the full-scale test, the duo decide to find out the pounds of thrust by using a machine, however the water pressure destroyed the machine.

But during the full scale experiment, the MythBusters could not get the car to levitate. Part of the problem was because the necessary pressure to lift the weight of the car was beyond the water pressure the city's system could provide.

They then got the idea to take out the car's engine block, deducing that the people who performed the stunt in the viral video may have done the same thing.

Once the engine was removed, the car then levitated a full 15 feet 4. Goats can be startled into fainting. Tory and Kari went to a goat farm and attempted to scare some goats into fainting.

Initially, they had trouble doing so; they tried many things from using an umbrella to hiding in food to Kari flashing the goats causing Tory to pretend to faint.

While none of the attempts by the hosts to intentionally startle goats succeeded, the show's crew frequently caused goats to faint by accident while filming.

The attending goat handler explained that some goats, when startled or scared, involuntarily stiffen their leg muscles which can cause them to fall over and give the appearance of fainting.

Tory and Kari warned that results are subjective depending on the goats, but the myth is still very true. The Build Team built the cannon according to the specifications shown in the video and replicated the experiment.

While it initially looked as if it was going to be busted, the sawdust actually ignited into a large fireball exactly as shown in the video.

The Build Team then decided to scale up the sawdust experiment, using a larger, more powerful cannon and extremely flammable powdered non-dairy creamer.

This created a massive fireball that greatly startled the Build Team and buried one of their ground-level cameras under a thick layer of burnt creamer.

Adam and Jamie filled a fishtank with sulfur hexafluoride , a gas six times denser than air, and placed a foil boat in it.

The resulting buoyancy force was enough to keep the boat from sinking to the bottom. They then filled a small cup with the sulfur hexafluoride from the tank and poured it on top of the foil boat, which did then sink under the additional weight.

One can charge an MP3 music player like an iPod by plugging a USB cable into an onion that has been soaked in electrolyte fluid for half an hour.

Grant tested this myth according to the process shown in the video, but was unable to get the iPod to charge.

In order to confirm whether or not any charge was moving across the onion, Grant plugged a voltmeter into the onion, which indicated that there was zero charge in the onion.

Grant explained that the basic idea would be that the electrolytes could be used as a sort of "wet battery", but the setup in the video lacked the vital anode and cathode, which would actually move the electrolytes.

With this evidence, Grant declared the video a hoax. It is impossible to separate two phone books interleaved page-to-page due to the massive amount of friction between the pages of each book.

The MythBusters tried to pull the books apart with human power, first attempting to do so on their own and then bringing in ten other people which included Tory and Kari in a separate test to help.

These attempts did not succeed, so they hooked up a pair of cars to try to pull the phone books apart. However, the books held and the MythBusters resorted to using the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation 's M Sheridan light tank and M armored personnel carrier , with a combined horsepower, which were finally able to pull the phone books apart but they still did not separate every page.

Adam showed that there is a trick to tearing apart a phone book. He bent the book into a V separating the pages, tearing them one at a time.

The spark created by the car battery was not powerful enough to be conducted through seawater into the gunpowder. Grant first began by trying to take apart several tube flares, which took far longer than it did in the movie.

After measuring the powder, the Build Team calculated that it would take at least flares worth of gunpowder to equal two and a half sticks of dynamite, instead of the ten shown in the movie.

The MythBusters first tested various commercial water guns to see if they could create a steady, unbroken stream of water, which is essential for the conduction of electricity as demonstrated in an earlier myth from the first series, peeing on the third rail.

However, most of the commercial water guns they tested could not shoot a continuous stream of water long enough to carry the current.

They then tested the amount of electricity a stream of water could deliver to a target, but discovered the voltage dropped significantly the farther away the target was, ultimately failing at any distance over a few feet, making it impractical to use at long distances and busting the myth.

In order to see what it would take to have a water stun gun work at a distance, the MythBusters used a tesla coil to power the gun with up to a million volts.

The gun worked at a distance, and the lightning bolt could clearly be seen traveling down the stream of water.

However, the rig remained impractical due to its sheer size and the amount of electricity required to operate it.

The carbon dioxide fire extinguisher did not explode, due to the safety valve, and merely vented its contents harmlessly over a span of fifteen minutes.

The water fire extinguisher did better than the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, but did not manage to extinguish the flames entirely.

The chemical foam extinguisher actually exploded, putting out the fire by scattering the fuel rather than actually extinguishing it.

Like the chemical extinguisher, the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher exploded, putting out the fire by scattering the fuel rather than actually extinguishing it.

The act of walking over coals is purely a mind-over-matter act and cannot be explained by science. The Build Team first tested how much heat could be transferred into a bare foot by walking over coals with heat-resistant silicone.

They then theorized that feet do not get burned due to three factors: the foot does not stay in contact with the coals long enough to get burned, and both the coals and the resulting ash form an insulating layer to lock in the majority of the heat.

They then tried coal walking, and easily crossed them. The team noted that they felt confident because of their faith in physics.

For a more complete result, the Build Team had Adam, who was not aware of the physics involved, cross the coals. When Adam tried, he had his feet burned, though this was attributed to Adam using the incorrect technique.

Adam walked too fast and had hot coals stuck under his toes, meaning they stayed in contact with his skin longer than normal.

A blind person can drive a car safely by following instructions given by a passenger. Based on a scene in Scent of a Woman. Adam and Jamie first tried driving while blindfolded but failed miserably.

They got a real blind person Jerry Kuns behind the wheel within the same abandoned subdivision as the "Don't Drive Angry" myth though differently routed and with a driveway parking component rather than parallel parking on the street and he did fairly well.

But when the instructor Jamie was intoxicated, and unable to communicate properly the test did not go as well.

If the passenger was drunk, the communications broke down, preventing the blind driver from getting clear, precise, and timely instructions.

Adam and Jamie also emphasized that this sort of driving is illegal: if the passenger is rendered incapacitated the blind person would have no way of knowing what was on the road and how to respond, obviously increasing the risk of an accident.

Furthermore, a person rendered blind before they could get a driver's license would have no preconceptions of how to drive, making following instructions easier than if they had previous driving experience.

They reasoned that this is because a person with experience wants to do what he thinks should be done, while a person with no experience would rely solely on the instructor.

Tory, having played golf since high school, hit 10 balls through a tree, resulting in 6 going through, 2 bad shots, and 2 ricocheting off the tree trunk; Grant and Kari proved inept at driving.

Grant then built a robot which only got 24 out of golf balls through the tree, vs. Tory competed against the robot and won with 27 balls shot through the tree.

Two identical ballistics gel dummies were constructed. One wore metal cleated shoes, and the other wore plastic cleated ones.

Both were exposed to simulated lightning, and lightning actually struck the plastic cleats more often, although the number was too close for a definitive preference to be called 6 times vs.

For a second test, the dummy wearing the metal cleats was then dressed further with clothing, a necklace, and a metal-laden belt to increase the likelihood of being struck, but the plastic one was also struck during the test, although less often 8 times for the metal cleats vs.

As a finale, they demonstrated the danger of holding up a golf club during a thunderstorm. Lightning struck the club and went through the dummy, melting him.

C4 makes a huge fireball, and from just 50 yards away, can knock a golf ball on the edge of the hole into the cup. Based on the final scene of Caddyshack , this myth once again demonstrated the difference between Hollywood and the real world.

A smoke ball was the only result of a C4 explosion, and the ball did not go in the hole. As a finale, Tory, Grant, and Kari used gasoline to create the fireball seen in the movie.

They then brought "The Arrowcatcher" Anthony Kelly onto the show and had him perform various tests.

They then had him try and catch an actual arrow, and Anthony succeeded in catching an arrow. The MythBusters decided to redo the test by firing arrows at full strength from multiple directions.

This time, Anthony had much more trouble and could only catch the arrows when he knew which direction they were coming from.

Since Anthony was unable to catch the arrow in full combat conditions, the MythBusters considered the myth busted.

While charging their target, a Special Forces Ninja can use their sword to deflect an arrow and kill the archer before he can nock another.

They also had everyone in the crowd jump up at the same time to see if it would register on a seismograph. Hyneman and Savage received honorary doctorates from the University of Twente in the Netherlands for their role in popularizing science, on the occasion of the university's 50th anniversary, on November 25, Savage and Hyneman are judges on the game show Unchained Reaction which premiered in March Aired on February 12, , Hyneman and Savage lent their voices to The Simpsons episode " The Daughter Also Rises " to be featured on a show similar to MythBusters called Mythcrackers in which Hyneman and Savage take on the classic myth that a cat will always land on its feet.

In the episode they do not want to harm a real cat so they took a Build A Bear carcass, stuffed it with ballistics gel, shot it with a 20' barrel steam cannon, then made a scatter plot of the remains.

By the end of the experiment, Hyneman asked, "What was it we were trying to prove again? They test-fired some of the weapons in the Red Jacket shop, then watched as the staff re-tested a myth busted by the Build Team in that a propane tank could explode when hit with a bullet.

In , Hyneman and Savage appeared in a series of Australian television commercials for Dulux paint, depicting them testing the maker's claims of durability.

In , a New York Times study of the 50 television shows with the most Facebook Likes found that MythBusters "has the second-highest share of 'likes' from men of any show in the data, after Fast N' Loud.

A traveling museum exhibit called "MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition" [80] was developed over the course of about five years, premiering at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago , in March In , Savage and Hyneman created a live stage show called the MythBusters Behind the Myths Tour, in which they conduct experiments on-stage and discuss some background details of the show.

In March , they announced that the tour would be coming to Australia and New Zealand. MythBusters is broadcast in several countries, primarily by each country's version of the Discovery Channel.

In some countries, the English speech is either subtitled in the relevant language, or the narration voice-over is replaced, or the entire show narration and hosts' voices is dubbed.

The United States customary units , used by the hosts throughout the show, are converted to metric in the process. In the UK since , the use of US customary units in the show has often been retained, rather than being replaced with metric units.

Sometimes, the part where the myth is explained in sketches is completely redrawn in that language.

Excerpts of the show were also shown as part of the Beyond Television—produced Beyond Tomorrow. In late March , it was revealed by Variety that Discovery's sister network Science Channel was planning to produce a revival of MythBusters with a new cast, and that its hosts would be determined by a reality competition spin-off, Search for the Next MythBusters later renamed MythBusters: The Search , which was hosted by Nerdist's Kyle Hill Because Science.

In April , it was announced that Adam Savage would return to the franchise to host and executive produce a new spin-off, Mythbusters Jr.

The series features Savage working with a group of six young scientists. Savage stated that his goal for the series was to "start passing on everything to the next generation" as he grows older.

Savage has stated that he likely will not be working with Hyneman on any future projects, stating that although they worked well together as a classic example of a double act with Hyneman as the straight man , their personalities clashed off-screen as well as on-screen.

Savage suspected that both he and Hyneman were enjoying spending time apart from each other. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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We won't stand by our results—you can't with a data set of one, and two, and five. But we do stand by our methodologies. Savage gives the example that when testing whether it is possible to obtain "free energy" ie.

However, his statement that they shall not pursue RFID still stands. Hope Hackercon: BoingBoing. Savage discusses an incident in which Discovery refused to air an episode testing commercial teeth-whitening products after advertisers expressed concerns.

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