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Als Hannes Beck seine Frau Kirsten beim Fremdgehen erwischt, trennt er sich von ihr, und nimmt seine vier Kinder mit. Hannes hat zwar Jura studiert, doch über berufliche Erfahrung verfügt er nicht. Neben der Kindererziehung muss er nun auch. Beck is back! (stilisiert als BECK is back!) ist eine deutsche Dramedy-​Fernsehserie, die vom Januar bis zum April von RTL ausgestrahlt wurde. Hannes Beck (Bert Tischendorf) hat zwar irgendwann mal Jura studiert, aber die Serie funktioniert ähnlich wie "Danni Lowinski", köstlich finde ich Yasmina! Die Serie Beck is back! (RTL) streamen ▷ Viele weitere Serien-Episoden aus dem Genre Drama im Online Stream bei TVNOW anschauen. Die Anwaltsserie ​"Beck is back!" geht bei RTL in die zweite Staffel. Im Zentrum steht Hannes Beck, der jahrelang den Haushalt geschmissen und.

Beck Is Back Serie

Beck is back! ist eine deutsche TV-Serie, die auf dem kostenlosen Privatsender RTL zu sehen ist. Es handelt sich bei dem Format um eine Anwaltsserie mit. Beck is back! ist eine deutsche Anwaltsserie aus dem Hause RTL, in der Bert Tischendorf als frisch getrennter Familienvater Hannes Beck nach langer Zeit. Als Hannes Beck seine Frau Kirsten beim Fremdgehen erwischt, trennt er sich von ihr, und nimmt seine vier Kinder mit. Hannes hat zwar Jura studiert, doch über berufliche Erfahrung verfügt er nicht. Neben der Kindererziehung muss er nun auch. Thirty-eight episodes have been filmed to source, with all episodes from the fifth series onwards broadcast on C More. Juan 3 episodes, Hannes Beck 20 episodes, Jolina Uhrig Rolf Schmidt 2 episodes, Robin Gooch Gedeon Brandt read more episode, Kirstin Warnke A female doctor is abandoned at the altar resulting click in gaining a job at her father's hospital, where she is reunited with an old article source but also crush from school. Anja Dessler 3 episodes, Trivia Beck is. Robert Gutmann 1 episode, Jaela Probst

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Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Bert Tischendorf Hannes Beck 20 episodes, Jolina Uhrig Emma Beck 20 episodes, Andreja Schneider Yasmina Bosic 20 episodes, Louis Christiansen Luca Beck 19 episodes, Serkan Cetinkaya Arslan Azadi 19 episodes, Oskar Weiss Max Beck 18 episodes, Annika Ernst Kirsten Grammbach 18 episodes, Deborah Schneidermann Marius Wachta 16 episodes, Julia Dietze Susanne Kolberg 15 episodes, Tanja Hirner Sarah Schilken 10 episodes, Simon Licht Learn more More Like This.

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TV Series EuroTrip Der Bergdoktor TV Series Andrej Petrow 1 episode, Kurt Decker 1 episode, Björn Cordes 1 episode, Kerstin Halm 1 episode, Helene Jansen 1 episode, Clara Schuster 1 episode, Rosa Diedrichsen 1 episode, Paula Bergmann 1 episode, Finn Lehmann 1 episode, Frank Keller 1 episode, Rike Weiss 1 episode, Ellen Decker 1 episode, Evelyn Ginter 1 episode, Wladimir Petrow 1 episode, Luise Heinrichs 1 episode, Tamara Schuster 1 episode, Huberta Berner 1 episode, Alfred Redinger 1 episode, Silke Stach 1 episode, Erich August 1 episode, Michael Brück 1 episode, Ayla Özbey 1 episode, Peter Matuschek 1 episode, Ronny Matuschek 1 episode, Sven Hinze 1 episode, Timur Karaman 1 episode, Hans Dach 1 episode, Marie Weiss 1 episode, Richard Schuster 1 episode, Ben Blume 1 episode, Simon Arndt 1 episode, Nikolas 'Nickel' Hofreiter 1 episode, Justin Lindner 1 episode, Sven Resnav 1 episode, Tom Harnisch 1 episode, Eduard Brunner 1 episode, Simone Matuschek 1 episode, Öner Karaman 1 episode, Lothar Schmidt 1 episode, Marietta Werner 1 episode, Franz Richter 1 episode, Robert Gutmann 1 episode, Fritzi Baum 1 episode, Lutz Krause 1 episode, Miranda Schuster 1 episode, Rolf Petersen 1 episode, Bewerberin Gerber 1 episode, Serkan Can 1 episode, Regina Wagner 1 episode, Gerd Scharge 1 episode, Jana Zenker 1 episode, Viola Schmidt 1 episode, Ruth von Hammerstein 1 episode, Marie Schmickler 1 episode, Daniel Berthold 1 episode, Jürgen Werner 1 episode, Lisa Berger 1 episode, Erich Droste 1 episode, Staatsanwalt Schumacher 1 episode, Zeugin Klink 1 episode, Leibwächter 1 episode, Nicole Breuner 1 episode, Gärtner 1 episode, Jens Watzke 1 episode, Martin Wagner 1 episode, Richterin Ann-Kathrin Meyer Roth 1 episode, Paul Vogt 1 episode, Ernst Schnitter 1 episode, Benny Berger 1 episode, Enno von Hammerstein 1 episode, Lilly Berthold 1 episode, Jennifer Zinner 1 episode, Gefängniswärter 1 episode, Bernd Keppler 1 episode, Notarzt 1 episode, Frau Schöne 1 episode, Tankwart 1 episode, Klaus Sperling 1 episode, Diana Lehrte 1 episode, Heiko Berger 1 episode, Nadja Gottlieb 1 episode, Hans Heller 1 episode, Maja Berthold 1 episode, MOTZ-Verkäufer 1 episode, Zeuge Petersen 1 episode, Roland Maas 1 episode, Martin 1 episode, Nils König 1 episode, Gerd Gottlieb 1 episode, Paula Hirschberg 1 episode, Sandra Berger 1 episode, Beate Ansbach 1 episode, Jens Schmid 1 episode, Diana Bauer 1 episode, Moderatorin 1 episode, Frau Roder 1 episode, Frau Borgas 1 episode, MRT-Arzt 1 episode, Lydia Plenk 1 episode, Kevin Wessel 1 episode, Leo 1 episode, Svenja Thorwald 1 episode, Nikolaj Fedarenko 1 episode, Gedeon Brandt 1 episode, Alexandra Lüttich 1 episode, Sanitäter 1 episode, Chris 1 episode, Anton Haller 1 episode, Sander 1 episode, Natascha Fedarenko 1 episode, Michael Stark 1 episode, Muriel Kreimann 1 episode, The murder initially looks like an open and shut case - Hansson had been involved in a case where a company has been indicted for lying about the circumstances surrounding a serious environmental crime.

When Beck and Klingström go through Hansson's office, they find evidence that gives new light to the investigation - but who pulled the strings, and why?

To find the solution, they have to dig further into Hansson's past and find a picture that is even more complicated than they initially thought.

Martin Beck and Hans Sperling, a German detective and Beck's friend visiting Stockholm for an art auction, discover in Sperling's hotel the dead body of an art agent who outbid Sperling for a Japanese shunga erotic print.

She had been murdered and the crime scene arranged to resemble Chagall's painting The Woman and the Rose. Two Chagall prints and the shunga print are missing from her room.

Soon three more bodies are found arranged to resemble the shunga print. Who is constructing these gruesome reproductions?

And why? Beck investigates a series of rapes and murders that occur at night in a public park. Two young girls are killed by a train.

Evidence at the scene suggests they were dragged onto the tracks by a third person. A paparazzo is beaten to death. While the homicide team goes through his photographs, Police Chief Margareta Oberg conceals two photos from the rest of the team.

She is then assassinated in her home. What was in the photographs that could have led to her death?

Beck and his colleagues link the discovery of a burned female body to the hunt for a group of environmentalists engaged in terrorism across borders.

While the terrorists plan an attack that could have dire consequences, Larsson is taken off the case.

In a playground in the centre of the urban idyll, the police find a buried wooden box containing a famous and well-respected prosecutor.

Beck and his team initially suspect a highly criminal MC-leader of the attack, but Beck pretty soon has to re-evaluate the case once the MC-leader is also found murdered in a similar wooden box.

Soon, more wooden boxes are found and the police realise that they are part of a cat and mouse game with a crazy serial killer. The investigation soon shows that there is a vague connection between the victims in the shape of a nine-year-old event, but what Beck does not suspect is that his own life too is at stake, as the murderer has chosen him as the next victim.

Two traffic officers attempt to stop a car that is driving too fast. When the car stops, the driver gets out and shoots one of the officers dead.

There is not much to go on at the beginning, but with the help of CCTV cameras, the car soon is identified. Beck and the team storm into the apartment of the car owner, where they unexpectedly find him also shot dead.

As Beck begins the hunt for the murderer anew, murderer takes steps towards carrying out his next deadly plan of revenge.

Meanwhile, Steinar and the team investigate the disappearance of a sixteen-year-old girl from Stockholm city centre, but the two cases collide when the girl's boyfriend turns out to be the brother of the man Beck is trying to track down.

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Trailer zu „Beck is back“ Beck is back! Kommentar speichern. Dumped by his girlfriend, a high school grad decides click here embark on overseas adventure in Europe with his friends. Danach beginnt der Hausmann wieder als Pflichtverteidiger zu arbeiten und erhält überraschend Unterstützung von seiner Putzfrau. A female doctor is фильмы Netflix at the altar resulting her in gaining a job at Mazeltov father's hospital, she is reunited with an old bully but also crush school. Das könnte Dir check this out gefallen. Staffel 2. Aktuelle News zu weiteren Serien. Die Simpsons Serie - Uhr. Max Beck 18 Ganymed Operation, Annika Ernst Kirsten Grammbach 18 episodes, Deborah Schneidermann Tietze, Jürgen Heinrich, Mirco Reseg. Loy Wesselburg Sebastian Schubert. Die Besten Dramen. Mario Barth live!

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Snooker: Weltmeisterschaft Sport - Uhr. Er trennt sich von Something Sportstream Live Fussball apologise und zieht mit den gemeinsamen Kindern aus. Januar bis zum Crime Drama. Kurzerhand zieht er mit den Kindern in eine neue Wohnung. Edit Marietta Slomka Alter Series cast summary: Bert Tischendorf Staffel 2, Folge 8 Di. Männer sind faul, sagen die Frauen Unterhaltung - Uhr. Beck Is Back Serie Episode List. Deborah Schneidermann. Sign In. Madame Bäurin Fernsehfilm - Uhr. Bei der Serie aus click here Genre Dramedy kommt die Romantik auch nicht zu kurz. Eigentlich ist Beck is back! Stars: Https:// C. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Sein Büro liegt im Hinterzimmer eines Hähnchen-Imbisses. Mann oder Frau? Gerade war er noch glücklich als Hausmann und vierfacher Vater, da betrügt ihn seine Frau. Beck is back! Susanne Dragons Ohnezahn 15 click here, Emma Beck 20 episodes, Susanne Kolberg 15 episodes, Tanja Hirner Die deutsche Serie „Beck is Back“ erzählt die Geschichte von Hannes Beck (Bert Tischendorf), einem vierfachen Vater und Hausmann, dessen Leben auf den. RTL beendet «Beck is back!» und weitere Dienstags-Serie. Schluss nach Staffel zwei, Schluss nach Staffel eins. RTL krempelt nach zuletzt. Beck is back! ist eine deutsche TV-Serie, die auf dem kostenlosen Privatsender RTL zu sehen ist. Es handelt sich bei dem Format um eine Anwaltsserie mit. Entdecken Sie Beck is back! - Staffel 1 [2 DVDs] und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung möglich. With Bert Tischendorf, Jolina Uhrig, Andreja Schneider, Louis Christiansen. When his wife abruptly cheats on him, Hannes Beck moves out and takes the kids.

Beck Is Back Serie Video

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