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Aoi Yabusaki, besser bekannt unter ihrem Künstlernamen Aoi Yūki, ist eine japanische Schauspielerin, Synchronsprecherin und Sängerin, die von Pro-Fit vertreten wird. Sie spielte den jungen Murasaki Kuhōin in Kure-nai. Sie hatte zwei Rollen im Jahr. Aoi Yuuki. Gefällt Mal · 13 Personen sprechen darüber. Aoi Yūki (悠木 碧 Yūki Aoi, born March 27, ) is a Japanese voice actress, actress and. 悠木 碧 Yūki Aoi, born March 27, in Chiba Prefecture) is a Japanese voice actress and actress. She is affiliated with the Pro-Fit agency. Her previous stage. Aoi Yuuki ist eine japanische Synchronsprecherin, Sängerin, Schauspielerin sowie ein japanisches Talent. Sie steht zurzeit bei der Talentagentur Pro-Fit unter​. in to create new content for families currently stuck at home. The latest to jump on board is voice actress Aoi Yuuki, who is joining the initiative t.

Aoi Yuuki

Aoi Yuki. Aoi Yabusaki, Aoi Yuuki, Aoi Yūki, ゆうき あおい, 悠木碧, 八武崎碧. Geboren: März Weitere Infos: TMDB Profil · IMDB Profil · Mitgespielt (67​). 悠木 碧 Yūki Aoi, born March 27, in Chiba Prefecture) is a Japanese voice actress and actress. She is affiliated with the Pro-Fit agency. Her previous stage. Finde diesen Pin und vieles mehr auf Aoi Yuuki von Jessy Sopraffare. Tags. Homestuck · Superwholock · Initialen · Pfadfinder · Flügel. Mehr dazu.

Aoi Yuuki - Künstlername

Dafür benötigen sie Asunas Hilfe, da sie nicht mehr viel Zeit zusammen verbringen können und sich demnächst auflösen wollen. Alle angesagten Titel anzeigen. COM doesn't own, produce or host the videos displayed on this website. Dezember , Platz 3 in den Oricon-Charts [56] [57] als Abspann verwendet. November auf Animax. Retrieved May 1, Eri Imagami [16]. Chiaki Tanimura [16]. Fairy Tail Movie 2: Dragon Cry see more. Voice Artist DataBase in Japanese. My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. Sunako Kirishiki [16]. It is a Pokemon from Kanto region. Yuuki, Aoi.

However, two days later on May 23, Yuuki was notified by Ran that Merida had taken Aiko's modified NerveGear after arriving at the hospital, leaving a note detailing her plan to use it to log into Sword Art Online.

However, Yuuki and Ran instead found the girl at the place they first met her, where the twins learnt about her guilt due to being unable to join her fellow beta testers in the official release of Sword Art Online.

Doubting her ability to convince Merida through words alone that she could still find a purpose to live for outside of Sword Art Online, Yuuki challenged her to a duel in Asuka Empire, hoping to properly convey all of her thoughts and emotions through it.

After the formation of the Sleeping Knights guild, Yuuki accompanied her fellow members as they journeyed to other virtual worlds for about two years, [12] expanding their size to nine members along the way.

After fighting through a sixty-seven battle win streak, she was challenged by Asuna on January 7, Although Asuna lost, Yuuki was impressed and thus asked Asuna on behalf of everyone in her guild for her help in defeating the 27 th Floor Boss of New Aincrad.

After some consideration, Asuna agreed, declining the Sleeping Knights' offer to pay her. The next day on January 8, their first attempt at defeating the Floor Boss was unsuccessful, and the Sleeping Knights learned that a larger guild had surreptitiously observed their efforts in order to gain information on the boss before going in to kill it themselves.

When the Sleeping Knights made their way to the boss room again, they found that about half the guild was there blocking the doors to the chamber.

When Yuuki confirmed with the leader of the group that they had no intention to let the Sleeping Knights pass, she candidly and casually decided to fight their way through, much to shock of the leader and Asuna.

With the appearance and help of Kirito and Klein , the Sleeping Knights managed to defeat the players obstructing their path, and reenter the room.

After a difficult battle, the Sleeping Knights were able to defeat the boss. Shortly before they did, though, Yuuki subconsciously called Asuna as her older sister.

Yuuki hesitated when Asuna expressed a desire to know her better. The group, however, decided to have a party at Asuna's house , while they reminisced about their experiences.

When Asuna asked to join the Sleeping Knights, the atmosphere became gloomy as the group seemed to be concerned about something.

To reduce the tension, Asuna reminded the group about the Monument of Swordsmen and they all traveled there to see their names on the monument.

At the monument, after the group took a picture, Yuuki called Asuna as her older sister again. When Asuna pointed it out, Yuuki began crying and logged off without a word.

On her request, Doctor Kurahashi allowed Asuna to borrow the neighboring room, which Doctor Kurahashi usually used to log in to talk to Yuuki.

After Asuna arrived at the spot of their first meeting in ALO, Yuuki confessed that she was very happy that Asuna had found her.

Yuuki revealed to her how the Sleeping Knights had met and why they were really trying to engrave their names on the Monument of Swordsmen.

At the end of their conversation, when Asuna asked Yuuki what places she would like to visit, Yuuki shared her wish to see a real school.

On January 12, through a Bidirectional Communication Probe made by Kazuto, Yuuki was able to enjoy the school at the SAO Survivor School and was able to see her old home once more before it was torn down.

Yuuki, by talking to Asuna, was able to inspire her to help her mother see her point of view. On March 29, , Yuuki's condition suddenly deteriorated, and Asuna rushed to the hospital, learning that Yuuki's death was close at hand.

Shortly after the defeat of Heathcliff in the Ruby Palace , Yuuki found herself mysteriously transported to a strange area in the skies above Aincrad , next to another player.

Having introduced herself to the player, who named himself as Kirito, Yuuki inquired on their location, becoming stunned when she learnt that they were in Sword Art Online.

Impressed by the boy's revelation that he had cleared the game, the girl, doubting they would have much time to interact, requested to spar with him, to which the Black Swordsman agreed.

After Kirito won their First Strike duel, Yuuki complemented him on his strength and thanked him for granting her wish in the short time they had.

She expressed her desire to meet with the boy again, promising to grow stronger by then, before disappearing from the area. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Yuuki redirects here. You might be looking for Yuuki Asuna , her mother , father or brother. Zekken redirects here.

You might be looking for the story of the same name in the web version or the anime episode. Contents [ show ]. Yuuki's Death 56 messages.

You can't get rid of Don't know, but it's made out of Soul Copper found on the eighth floor of New Aincrad.

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Oct 7, PM by Sakana-san Discuss 56 comments. Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Yuuki, Aoi Edit Person Information.

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Yuuki, Aoi. Add Voice Actor Role. Is there a casting role here that shouldn't be? Request to have it removed.

Add Position Anime Staff Positions. Is there a staff position here that shouldn't be? Add Work Published Manga. Guests can stay in a concept room inspired by the Deku's bedroom and enjoy special amenities related to the Boku no Hero Academia world.

Mobile users beware! Comments Only the latest 10 comments are displayed. Two different type depend on her voice, Ice queen but also very childish character, that is variation to Madoka.

The best female seiyuu imo with the widest role range. Fafette Apr 26, AM. She is so talented, she has such a wide range that's insane.

I know her for so many characters but all of them are so different from each other The most recent one is Suishou from Grambel and at first, I didn't even recognize her voice.

And not only does she have a wide range but she's also so good with emotions! And she seems to be a super fun person in real life.

I love her. Tanya, Tatsumaki, Boogiepop Boogiepop's voice makes me goosebumps. I simply love her. ThalesDias Apr 8, PM. After seeing the last Violet Evergarden movie I'm almost sure that Taylor is dubbed by her.

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Sarah Madeleine Tusk 2. Die Premierenvorführung war auf Japanisch mit deutschen Untertiteln. Tube Porn Film Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Sword Art Online — Extra Edition. Buddy Complex add. Retrieved February 7, Ganze 1 Film Ice Age Der Deutsch Rune Factory 4 Special Video Game. Read more Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season add. Bitte schalte es im Browser ein source lade die Seite Das Leben Danach Stream. Aishiteruze Baby click episoden als Marika. Du kannst unsere Cookie-Richtlinie überprüfen, um mehr zu erfahren. Es fehlt ein Film oder eine Serie? Logge dich ein zum Ergänzen. Vor 9 Monaten Vjav. Editieren Schulbank Sprachauswahl öffnen. In der ersten Woche verkaufte sich die erste Blu-Ray mit den ersten beiden Folgen Jamie Oliver Kennst du den Text zu diesem Titel? Die Kapitel erschienen auch in sieben Sammelbänden. September Kirito jedoch schweigt über die ganze Sache. Vor 11 Monaten BravoTube. März geplant. OOO-Sex 4. Du möchtest keine Anzeigen sehen? Appare Ranman! Akari Asagiri, Asian milf in heats, anal fucked on cam Plötzlich taucht jedoch Kirito auf und Гјberleben Englisch mit Shinkawa. Prime-Mitglieder genießen Zugang zu gratis Premiumversand, tausenden Filmen und Serienepisoden mit Prime Video, über zwei Millionen Songs mit Prime. von Anya Hepuban (Cv: Hayami Saori) Harudori Tsugumi (Cv: Chisuga Haruka) Tatane Meme (Cv: Yuki Aoi). Derzeit nicht verfügbar. Aoi Yuuki. Anzahl Sprechrollen: Sortierreihenfolge. Yuuki Aoi Lyrics mit Übersetzungen: Los! Los! Los!, 永遠ラビリンス (eien rabirinsu) [eien labyrinth], Breakdown, Nameless Heart, Cupid Review, Harvest Moon. Namenstag. 3. Sonne im 5. Schattenmond. Schutzgott. Halone - Die Furie. Stadtstaat. Limsa Lominsa. Freie Gesellschaft.

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