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Mit den Kardashians Schritt halten ist eine amerikanische Reality-Fernsehserie, die auf dem E ausgestrahlt wird! Kabelnetz. Die Show konzentriert sich auf das persönliche und berufliche Leben der Familie Kardashian-Jenner. Die Prämisse stammt von. This season is a baby boom as Khloé© and Kylie navigate first-time motherhood and Kim welcomes her third child via a surrogate. Meanwhile, tensions run high. Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Season This season is a baby boom as Khloé© and Kylie navigate first-time motherhood and Kim welcomes her third child. This season is a baby boom as Khloé and Kylie navigate first-time motherhood and Kim welcomes her third child via a surrogate. Meanwhile. Alle 12 Episoden von Keeping up with the Kardashians - Staffel Staffel Chicago Loyalty. Originaltitel: Season 16 Premiere | Erstausstrahlung:

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 16

This season is a baby boom as Khloé© and Kylie navigate first-time motherhood and Kim welcomes her third child via a surrogate. Meanwhile, tensions run high. Alle 12 Episoden von Keeping up with the Kardashians - Staffel Staffel Chicago Loyalty. Originaltitel: Season 16 Premiere | Erstausstrahlung: Originaltitel: Keeping Up with the Kardashians Der Fluch der Kardashians Der Fluch der Kardashians. iCAL; Google; Rec. E! Entertainm. HD. Uhr. Kim plans a ski trip to Montana for the younger Kardashian clan. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved May 19, Legally Click. In seasons eight and nine, Caitlyn's children Brody and Brandonand Brandon's ex-wife, Leah Minions 3 Deutsch recurring cast members. Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 16 Episodenführer Season 16 – Kims Loyalität gegenüber ihrem Ehemann sorgt auf einer Reise nach Chicago für Ärger. MJ fordert, dass Kris sich mehr um sie . - Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Season 16 #Kardashians, #​Keeping, #Season. Nach dem Kauf von Keeping Up With the Kardashians: Season 16 Folge 12 bei Google Play kannst du dir das Video auf deinem Computer sowie auf Android-. Originaltitel: Keeping Up with the Kardashians Der Fluch der Kardashians Der Fluch der Kardashians. iCAL; Google; Rec. E! Entertainm. HD. Uhr. Die Show ▷ Keeping up with the Kardashians (tvnow) streamen & weitere Highlights aus dem Genre Real Life im Online Stream bei TVNOW anschauen.

S16, Ep3. The family heads to Indonesia for a relaxing vacation, but Khloe's never-ending list of complaints infuriates Kourtney. S16, Ep4.

While on a spiritual quest to find balance in Bali, Kourtney gets some news that makes her consider a future with Scott.

Kim and Khloe are determined to have an insightful psychic reading but get more than they bargained for. S16, Ep5.

Kim decides to follow in her father Robert Kardashian's footsteps and pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer, but worries she may have taken on more than she can handle.

Kourtney worries that Mason is growing up too fast and won't want to spend time with her anymore, and Scott encourages Khloe to resurrect her career as an artist.

S16, Ep6. When devastating wildfires erupt in their neighborhood, the family is forced to flee from their homes, threatening to ruin the fairytale birthday party Rob is planning for his daughter Dream.

Kim and her team anxiously await the President's word on whether or not he will endorse their groundbreaking prison reform legislation, and Kris Jenner stars in an Ariana Grande music video.

S16, Ep7. Khloe's mistrust of her mother's boyfriend Corey Gamble resurfaces on a very awkward family trip to Palm Springs, leaving Kris hurt and confused about her daughter's behavior.

Kendall invites Kourtney and her kids to stay with her after evacuating from their home due to the fires, but when Kourtney shows no signs of leaving, Kendall must find a way to tell her that she's overstayed her welcome.

Kim is furious when she learns Khloe has secretly gifted North a new pet. S16, Ep8. Kim puts her survival skills to the test on an overnight camping trip.

During a visit to Cleveland, Malika has a serious conversation with Khloe about her relationship with Tristan.

S16, Ep9. Kris reluctantly allows Kim to take over the annual Christmas Eve Party, but the holiday is in jeopardy when Kris learns Kim has invited an unwelcome guest.

Khloe must come to the rescue when North's beloved hamster unexpectedly dies and Kim can't deal.

Kris is determined to understand the unconventional relationship between Kourtney, Scott and his girlfriend Sofia after the three are seen vacationing together in Mexico.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Bruce and Kris Jenner celebrate their anniversary. Kim and Tommy Davis buy themselves a stripper pole as a gift, and the youngest Jenner plays on it.

Kim appears on The Tyra Banks Show. Kourtney deals with relationship drama. Kim and Kris, her manager, argue over the management of Kim's appearances and schedule.

Meanwhile, Kris hires a nanny, Bree , who is not as appropriate and nanny-decent as she hoped. When he finds out, he leaves his son Brody Jenner to look after Kylie and Kendall while he heads to Mexico to confront them.

Unfortunately, leaving Brody with his daughters creates even more chaos. Playboy magazine contacts Kris, asking her to tell Kim that they want her to be on the cover of their December issue.

Kim is hesitant at first, but Kris encourages her. To show Kris what a difficult decision it is, Kim proposing trading places and plays Kris' manager and setting her mom up for a semi-nude shoot.

Kim gets the skimpiest outfit she can. Kris enjoys the shoot, surprising Kim. The family remembers Robert Kardashian on his death anniversary.

Meanwhile, Kendall and Kylie ask their dad for a puppy, which causes a disagreement between their parents.

Rob gets set up on a date but catches his sisters spying on him. Scandalous photos of Kourtney surface, scaring and humiliating Kim, who already feels like she really messed up with her sex tape.

The family think that Kim is slowly becoming a diva. Kourtney finds shocking texts in Scott's Blackberry. Rob falls in love with pop star Adrienne Bailon , a Cheetah Girl , but is left depressed when she leaves for India for three months to shoot a film.

After consulting a nutritionist, Kris decides to build a chicken coop so the family will have healthier eggs from chickens they raise themselves.

Meanwhile, Bruce receives a fashion makeover. Members of the Old School Crew contact Kris: they want her to be a cheerleader. Kris is worried about auditioning, especially after a knee injury.

Meanwhile, Bruce teaches Kendall about doing chores and earning her own money but Kendall hires a handyman and takes the money and the credit for his work.

Rob considers dropping out of USC to pursue professional modeling. Kris gets drunk with a friend and gets a tattoo.

Bruce experiences a mid-life crisis. Bruce thinks a family ski-trip to Colorado will ease some of the family chaos, but first it intensifies his midlife crisis as he spends time with guys who are Rob's age.

Meanwhile, the family gangs up on Kim, claiming she's not joining in the family quality time. The clan enjoys the rest of their vacation together.

Kim shoots a sexy calendar for Reggie, but Kris distributes it for public sale. Kim gets back at her mom by selling the nude poster from Season 1.

When the girls visit New Orleans for a charity pool tournament organized by Reggie, they meet a family devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

Meanwhile, Kris' cousin CiCi crashes Bruce's plans for a romantic weekend. Kris believes her meltdown might have something to do with the upcoming anniversary of Robert Kardashian's death.

Kris talks to her mom about her feelings and visits her late ex-husband's grave. Kourtney hires Kris as her manager after Magazine asks her to do a cover shoot.

Rob and Adrienne encounter problems when they move in together. Kris and Kourtney confront Kim about her shopping addiction.

Bruce is anxious to talk to Kendall and Kylie about his colonoscopy. Kris, not feeling so connected to Bruce anymore, searches for a common interest with him.

After Rob borrows Kim's car and gets a new tattoo, his unusual behavior causes concern among the family. Kourtney and Scott get in another argument after she accuses him of cheating again.

Kim's focus on her career forces her to choose between it and Reggie. Kourtney and Kim get Kris a chimpanzee after she expresses a desire to have another baby.

The family goes on a camping trip to meet Adrienne's family. Meanwhile, Bruce undergoes plastic surgery to fix the mistakes that were made during his treatments in earlier years to fix injuries that occurred during his sporting career.

Kourtney borrows Kim's personal belongings without her permission. Bruce struggles with Kylie wearing "grownup" clothes and too much makeup for her age.

Rob breaks up with Adrienne and moves in with Kim. Kourtney catches Scott with another girl and starts to think that Scott may not be the best guy for her.

Rob attempts to rekindle his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Adrienne Bailon. Tension explodes between Bruce and Khloe that leads to a heated confrontation.

Kim realizes she misses her boyfriend Reggie Bush, and Kourtney and Scott try to improve their relationship. A friend gives Kris a male-enhancement drug and she tries it on Bruce by slipping it into his coffee but Rob accidentally gets that coffee cup and lands in the hospital because of what follows.

When Kim lies to everyone to get out of doing things, Kris and Bruce get upset, but she may learn a lesson when she lies to Kendall and Kylie.

Scott fails to take Kourtney's pregnancy seriously, so she threatens to end their relationship. Kris upsets Bruce by not letting him buy a helicopter toy or make any financial decisions.

When he plans to visit her in New York, he receives an e-mail from her new boyfriend that informs him that it's over between them.

He's heartbroken but decides to try to move on. Dog-non-lover Kim finds herself taking in, and loving, a stray Chihuahua until she must give up "Princess" because of medical problems.

Bruce pressures Rob to move out of the house, and he gets a job developing his own skin-care line with Kourtney's help. He decides to hold a charity boxing event for the American Heart Association and the people they fight turn out to be harmful for them.

When Kourtney babysits for a friend, she realizes she is not prepared to have her own baby. Meanwhile, Kendall signs a modeling contract and Kylie gets jealous.

Kourtney misses intimacy with Scott, but is afraid to have sex because she does not want to hurt the baby. She later takes a Sex During Pregnancy class with Scott.

Kim bothered her mother for not caring about her birthday, while Scott gets violently drunk. He subsequently gets into a scuffle with his buddy, Rob Kardashian, who is also drunk.

Their unruly behavior sets the tone for the remainder of the night. After Kris is able to break up the fight, she and Kourtney think that they are able to subdue Scott and leave him in the hotel room to sober up.

The drama continues to unfold as Kourtney ends her relationship with Scott because of his unforgivable actions.

Scott returns to the house to apologize to Kris, but she refuses to give him another chance. Worried about never seeing Kourtney again and possibly never meeting his child, he frantically sends text and voice-mail messages until Kourtney grants him a chance to explain himself in person.

She finally reconciles with him, and the whole family comes back together at her baby shower. Kim faints from exhaustion and takes 2 weeks off, deciding that when she does resume working, she will not take on so many responsibilities.

After Kourtney delivers her son, Mason Dash Disick, she announces that she will be returning to Miami to hire new girls at the store, as only 2 are currently working there.

Scott is also going, to visit friends and open a nightclub. Kim buys a new house after her split with Reggie Bush. Kris thinks Kim is acting too protective of her house, so she decides to throw a house party to break Kim's house in much to Kim's chagrin.

Kris sets up a blind date for Kim with an Armenian professional athlete. Meanwhile, Bruce and Kris fight about the new garage: Bruce feels Kris is taking over "his" only space in the house; she thinks he does not appreciate all the work she has put into their home.

The friction makes Kendall and Kylie worry that their parents will divorce, but the parents manage to resolve their petty issues and end up sleeping in the garage together.

Kim develops a schoolgirl crush on her new Australian bodyguard despite the fact that they both wanted to keep the relationship strictly professional.

Kim drinks a little too much and kisses her bodyguard goodnight. Later she tries to fix the problem to make things less awkward around them.

Kim receives another round of Botox injections after Kris says she has lines around her eyes. After this incident, Kim swears that she will never get another injection.

Meanwhile, Kris is discovered smoking and Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie try to get her to quit; Kourtney plots to make Kris think that Kendall is smoking because of her example.

Kourtney buys nicotine-free cigarettes honey and marshmallow and Kris decides to stop smoking. Her family soon finds out, and Kris plots a belated surprise party for Scott.

Meanwhile, Bruce struggles with getting Kim's dog, Rocky, neutered. Meanwhile, Kris ponders managing the pop band BG5 , and after she decides, she wonders if she made the wrong decision.

As Mason goes in for his 6-month check-up, Kourtney realizes she wants another baby so her kids will be close in age like she and Kim were, but when she obsesses about getting pregnant, Scott thinks she's taking all the fun out of the process of trying.

Meanwhile, Bruce has a hard time accepting that year-old Kylie has male friends, and there's tension when she breaks the rule about inviting a boy up to her room.

Unhappy about getting older, Kris hires a personal trainer, Storm, to help her get back into shape. Bruce becomes concerned when Storm arrives at the house and starts hitting on Kris, but Kris dismisses his feelings until others point out that she might be going too far with Storm.

Kim's competitive nature gets her into trouble when she loses to Kourtney during poker night and is forced to serve her needs for a day.

Kim meets football star Miles Austin. Meanwhile Scott and Bruce bond, but Bruce still insists on behaving like a rodent to Scott, despite Scott trying his best to change his ways.

Meanwhile, Kris decides she's fed up with Bruce's homebody attitude and leaves him behind in Los Angeles, but Rob gets him to let loose during a night out in a club with his friends and the BG5 girls.

Bruce later gets earrings and a haircut. Also, Kim parties with football player Miles Austin with the paparazzi not far behind , and her ex Reggie Bush becomes jealous when he finds out that she has moved on.

Miles later breaks up with Kim at the end of the episode. The Kardashians look back at their favorite moments from the series and view some previously-unaired footage.

Kourtney gets the family together and things do not go as planned. Kim tries to help Kendall with her modeling career, but pushes her too hard.

Meanwhile, Kris, Kourtney, and Scott butt heads over a house key. Kris decides to change her last name back to Kardashian, much to Bruce's dismay.

Kim takes action to prove that her butt is real. Kourtney contemplates having another child out of wedlock. Kris acts as the minister for her minister's wedding.

Kris thinks Bruce is losing his hearing. Rob admits to Kourtney why they don't hang out anymore, which is because of Scott.

Bruce is concerned when he discovers Kendall is taking birth control. Kim develops a rash on her body, and realizes she has inherited psoriasis from her mother.

Bruce tries to get his daughters to see how blessed they are. Kris' toilet troubles affects her family, mainly Kourtney.

Scott goes to Vegas, and Kourtney is afraid that he will return to his old ways. Kylie and Kendall think their mother Kris is meddling in their lives.

Kris gets mad at Scott when he tries to become Kylie and Kendall's manager, and Kim becomes embarrassed because she does not know how to dance.

Kris and Bruce take a vacation to Bora Bora to renew vows and also as a family vacation. Kris has self-image issues that threaten the anniversary celebration in Bora Bora; and Kourtney tries to get Scott and Rob to reconcile.

Kourtney learns the truth about Scott's drinking. Rob feels insecure about not having a career and it causes him to lash out at Kim while they are in Bora Bora.

Meanwhile, Kourtney gives Scott an ultimatum and Kris asks Bruce for his stepdaughter Kim's hand in marriage.

Kris Humphries plans to ask Kim to marry him, but an argument between the two makes him wonder if he is proceeding too quickly.

Preparations for Kim and Kris' wedding are featured, with a whole lot of drama. The wedding of Kim and Kris is shown.

The Kardashians celebrate Kendall's sweet 16 and Kendall gets her driver's license. Kourtney takes her grudge against Kris to a new level.

Kim wants payback after Bruce forces her to overcome her fear of spiders, and Kendall and Kylie start working for Seventeen magazine. Kim starts wearing wigs; Rob hurts Bruce's feelings when he says he never had a male role model growing up; Kris gives in to road rage.

Bruce tries to get Kris to sign his son, Brandon, to her music-management company; Kourtney rebuffs Scott's romantic gestures; Kris attempts to get the whole family to play tennis.

Kris runs into the man she had an affair with more than 20 years ago and considers arranging a meeting with him. Meanwhile, Kim and Scott hang out together, much to Kourtney's dismay; and Kendall and Kylie ruin their mom's carpet.

The family's Dominican Republic vacation gets off to a rocky start when Kourtney causes herself, Kim and Scott to miss their flight.

Meanwhile, Bruce is still at odds with Scott for ditching him at the race track. While still in the Dominican Republic, Kris wakes up with a mysterious medical condition, and Scott begins to feel like an outcast.

Meanwhile, Kendall and Kylie decide to film a family music video. Meanwhile, Scott tries to behave when he attends a sweet 16 birthday party in New York; and Bruce tries to reconnect with Kendall and Kylie.

Scott wants to become royalty on a trip to London and believes he has become a Lord--but fails to realize if he wants respect, he has to give respect.

Meanwhile, Kim fills her time in London with public appearances and starts to neglect her bestie Jonathan--who finally confronts her.

Kris thinks Bruce is cheating on her. Kris decides to meet up with Todd Waterman. Kris can not prove her innocence to Bruce after meeting up with Todd Waterman.

Rob thinks he is losing his hair so he buys a laser hair growth tool. The girls urge Kris to visit her sick mother in San Diego.

Kourtney investigates water birth. Bruce checks into a sleep clinic. Kris tells the family that she wants to plan her funeral.

Oprah comes to the house to interview the family. Rob breaks down during a family therapy session. Kim tries to work out issues with her sisters.

Kendall and Kylie ask to be homeschooled. Kris goes to get her breast implants replaced while Scott considers a vasectomy after finding out Kourtney wants more children.

Kim freezes her eggs. The Kardashians show never before seen footage and share some of their favorite moments from the series.

In the season eight premiere, Kim learns the sex of her baby. Kim's pregnancy announcement is marred by the stress of her ongoing divorce with Kris Humphries.

Meanwhile, she and Kanye are on the hunt for a new home. Rob has gained some weight, and Kim steps in to assist him in slimming down.

Brody begins to open up about his issues with Bruce. While working out the details of her divorce, Kim is rushed to the hospital with a health issue.

Bruce and Kris disagree regarding having guns in the home. Bruce deals with his hearing loss. Scott learns of a woman with cancer who wants to meet him.

Kris notices the difference in Rob and works to fix things. Scott faces his fears in order to advance his racing career.

Leah encounters some issues while completing her and Brandon's newest single. Kris deals with more problems regarding her bladder.

Kim learns that the renovation on her new home will not be complete by the time her baby is born. Bruce and Brandon get competitive.

Scott offers to help Kim prepare for her baby, which bothers Kourtney. Brody and Kris disagree over some things, which threatens to ruin the family trip to Greece.

Kim receives more news regarding her divorce. While in Greece, Kris gets overly-friendly with Brody, who finally confronts her about unfinished business.

Scott arrives to the vacation with only one day remaining. Kendall becomes tired of feeling left out. Back in Calabasas , Bruce has an idea of installing a putting green at the house.

Brody and Brandon begin constructing the putting green at the house. Kris shuts down Kendall's idea of renting a beach house for the summer.

After visiting Bruce's mother, Kris begins to worry. Kim helps Kylie start her fashion blog. The family collaborates on a surprise for Kris.

Kim plans to get back at her judgmental family by secretly attempting to feed them placenta. Jimmy Fallon's jokes get under Bruce's skin.

Kris is confused when Kendall starts spending more time with the Jenner side of the family. The kids attempt to embarrass Bruce by recreating his and Kris's lost sex tape.

Kylie and Kris devise a plan to get Bruce's gun out of the house. Kris thinks that Scott sold a scooter that she gave to him as a gift. Growing tired of the constant presence of the paparazzi, Kim creates a plan to throw them off her trail once she goes into labor.

Kim learns that she will be giving birth sooner than she thought. Kris continues to prepare for the baby.

Kris is preparing to launch her talk show and asks for everyone's support. Kris is tasked with babysitting a pig. The family celebrates Christmas by gathering together for the annual photo holiday card, and exchanging gifts.

Kris and Bruce decide to separate, but not divorce, and the Jenner and Kardashian children acknowledge the effect that the separation will have on Kendall and Kylie.

Scott starts taking karate lessons. Kris tries to get Jonathan away from Kim. Kris thinks about going on Broadway.

Scott leaves for Las Vegas for a business trip, but when Kourtney sees an advertisement that says he's hosting a party at a club in Las Vegas, she surprises him by traveling there, and finds out that he was lying about the business trip.

Scott learns that while she does not expect a lot, Kourtney expects him to be honest. Kanye's assistant tells Kris that Kanye has a surprise for Kim's birthday.

Kris is tired of having Kim take over her house, and Kendall and Kylie are tired of Kim making changes to the many comforts in it, and they confront Kim about it when they find out that she will be staying with them for months more, because the house will not be ready soon.

Everyone is shocked once Kanye proposes to Kim. Scott deals with his mother's deteriorating health. Kourtney wants to have a Kardashian yard sale.

Kendall starts planning for her 18th birthday celebration and Kris and Bruce clash when Kendall expresses her desire on moving out.

Bruce feels that his upcoming birthday does not need to be acknowledged. After having to deal with the news of his mother, Kourtney plans a vacation for her and Scott to help him with his parents' deaths.

Rob gets himself checked out from the doctor after his weight concerns the family. The family begins to worry as Kourtney is showing a lack of emotions.

Kris tries to show Kim that she still has what it takes to be a good mom and manager. Now that Kris and Bruce do not live under the same roof, Kris reaches out to him because she feels he is getting lonely.

Kourtney learns that Scott's late parents have left a painting, which is thought to be an original Modigliani. Scott sets up his own mobile office.

Kendall finding her way in the modeling world by traveling finds it hard to take care of her dog, who ends up in Kris' care.

Kris and Kim arrive in Vienna. Kourtney wants the moving date to their new house to be as delayed as it can be.

Scott recruits in his helicopter plans, which are to put a helipad in his brand new house's backyard. Bruce encourages Brody for a golf tournament.

Kourtney, Rob and Scott decide to miss the family vacation. Brody is put in an awkward situation because of Kim.

Bruce and Kris find it hard to bond. Kendall and Kylie prank their family by being 'missing'. Brody seeks some revenge after the family continuously teases him.

The family travels to a local orphanage , where Kim becomes close with a young girl. Kris hopes to end her mother's crucial pains by giving her Medical cannabis.

Scott ends up drunk yet again while on a trip to Miami. Kris and Kim's arguments about Kim's wedding causes her to move out and live with Kourtney.

Kendall and Kylie published their new book "Rebels".

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 16 Video

Kim Handles Christmas Party Chaos & Kris Questions Kourtney About Scott: "KUWTK" Katch-Up (S16, Ep9) Erwachsene haben an dem Format ebenso L Brooks Freude wie Teenager. Kim's fierce loyalty to her husband becomes a source conflict while on a trip to Chicago. Das könnte Dir click here gefallen. Wer sind die wichtigsten Keeping Up with the Kardashians Darsteller? In Deutschland war der erste der Sendetermine am 6. Staffel der Serie Keeping up with the Kardashians. Chicago Loyalty. Kim wird zur Diva. The reality television star has millions of followers on social media, a trendsetting cosmetics, and other successful business ventures. The Digital Rage. Marriages, Email Mobilcom ups, babies, and the building of media and style empires are all put on full display as the click holds back Grimma Kinoprogramm from the cameras. Click here und schlechte Nachrichten - Teil 1. Kim's fierce loyalty to her husband becomes a here of conflict while read more a trip to Chicago. Gute Nacht, Havanna. Legally Brunette. Durch Schein zum Sein.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 16 Video

Kardashian Family Feuds All Sisters Can Relate To - KUWTK - E! The Digital Rage. Scott is determined to find buried treasure and enlists the help of his Verrissen. Zuschauer kauften auch Alle anzeigen. Kourtney struggles with anxiety in the aftermath of her breakup, so her sisters decide to plan go here girls trip to Palm Springs to cure this web page breakup blues. Staffel von Keeping Up with the Kardashians gesendet. Island ruft! Die click here Welt ist eine Bühne. Die Karten werden neu gemischt. Bewertungen Richtlinien für Rezensionen. Die Episode "Soul mate Searching" ist die 4. The reality television star has millions of followers on social click, a trendsetting cosmetics line, and other successful business ventures.

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