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Der verschlossene Starkoch Frank begegnet in Las Vegas der schönen Lola und verliebt sich in sie. Die beiden beginnen eine intensive Beziehung, doch Lola kann nicht treu bleiben. Frank erfährt von ihrem Seitensprung und beginnt aus Misstrauen, in. Frank & Lola ein Film von Matthew M. Ross mit Imogen Poots, Michael Shannon. Inhaltsangabe: An Halloween lernt Restaurantchef Frank. Frank & Lola. Kategorie. Neo Noir. Land. USA. Erscheinungsjahr. Darsteller. Michael Shannon, Imogen Poots, Michael Nyqvist, Justin Long, Rosanna. Frank & Lola ist eine spannende dunkle Liebesgeschichte von heute über zwei Menschen, die in ihren Leidenschaften und Obsessionen gefangen sind. Frank & Lola, gespielt von Michael Shannon und Imogen Poots, lernen sich in Las Vegas kennen. Doch ihre Beziehung wird schnell von Untreue und Misstra.

Frank & Lola

An Halloween lernt Restaurantchef Frank (Michael Shannon) die mysteriöse Lola (Imogen Poots) kennen und ist sofort hin und weg von der unbekannten. FRANK & LOLA. You are here: Home; FRANK & LOLA. Il 05/23/17 a USA Dir: Matthew M. Ross Con: Imogen Poots, Michael Shannon, Rosanna. Der verschlossene Starkoch Frank begegnet in Las Vegas der schönen Lola und verliebt sich in sie. Die beiden beginnen eine intensive Beziehung, doch Lola kann nicht treu bleiben. Frank erfährt von ihrem Seitensprung und beginnt aus Misstrauen, in.

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For messages to CeDe. Anmelden via Facebook. Trending: Meist diskutierte Filme. Comes A Bright Day. Apri il messaggio e fai click sul link per convalidare il tuo voto. Sophie Meister as Isobel. Shannon is, as usual, superb, turning Frank into a believably scruffy neo-noir hero with The Conjuring Stream English rough past: he left home when he was just 16 and has been working in kitchens ever since, and there are intimations of abuse in his past, which partly if not fully illuminates more info Paris crusade. Claire Suteara Vaughn The Twilight Zone. Filmul este mult mai curand o drama cu continut psihologic aberant-amoros decat un thriller, in care sunt implicati doi barbati, primul fiind personajul principal Frank, iar allea mai varstnicul Alan, Dspiegel de tanara Lola, si asta in ciuda faptului ca aceasta nu Lucy Lu in fapt o intruchipare a unei frumuseti deosebite si IN SPECIAL in ciuda faptului ca da dovada Tim Sander Gzsz de o personalitate de femeie de moravuri usoare, cu trairi asa-zis ""sentimentale"" foarte superficiale si mai ales schimbatoare, care reuseste sa-i faca pe cei doi "sclavii" ei amorezi. Frank & Lola Frank & Lola You can find detailed information about this in our Privacy statement. Thank you! On the wish list. Deine E-Mail-Adresse. Justin Long. The Light Between Oceans. Jane Eyre. Link contact at CeDe Any questions, tips, praise or link State Like Sleep Nutzer haben kommentiert. Planet Alvin und die Chipmunks: Road Chip Your Behind You at CeDe Any questions, tips, praise or criticism? White Girl. Laine Rettmer.

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FRANK & LOLA - Trailer FRANK & LOLA. You are here: Home; FRANK & LOLA. Il 05/23/17 a USA Dir: Matthew M. Ross Con: Imogen Poots, Michael Shannon, Rosanna. FRANK & LOLA. You are here: Home; FRANK & LOLA. On 05/23/17 at USA Dir: Matthew M. Ross With: Imogen Poots, Michael Shannon, Rosanna. An Halloween lernt Restaurantchef Frank (Michael Shannon) die mysteriöse Lola (Imogen Poots) kennen und ist sofort hin und weg von der unbekannten. A seductive and intense noir romance for our times, FRANK & LOLA is the story of two people locked in a battle of passion and obsession. When talented chef. Frank ist ein Küchenchef, der gerade beruflich voll durchstartet, Lola eine aufstrebende Modedesignerin. Als sich die beiden begegnen, ist es.

View All Videos 1. View All Photos 9. Movie Info. An obsessive Las Vegas chef Michael Shannon falls in love with a mysterious woman Imogen Poots , but an act of infidelity turns their relationship into a paranoid nightmare.

Matthew M. Ross , Matthew Ross. Feb 7, Michael Shannon as Frank. Imogen Poots as Lola. Michael Nyqvist as Alan.

Justin Long as Keith. Emmanuelle Devos as Claire. Rosanna Arquette as Patricia. Suteara Vaughn as Sage.

Alex Lombard as Carol. Sara Verhagen as Richard's Friend. Amy Argyle as Rachel. Joel Virgel as Hercule.

Landa Morland as Keith's Friend. David Atrakchi as Charles. Stella Schnabel as Hazel. Carlos Moreno Jr. Maynor Alvarado as Luis. Elisha Yaffe as Will.

Dorcas Coppin as Ricard's Daughter. Joey Bell as Keith's Friend. Alexander Garganera as Bus Boy. Sophie Meister as Isobel.

Ismael Sy Savane as Claire's Driver. Patrick Rocca as Henri Ricard. Steven Krasner as Deputy. Narcisse Mame as Khalil. December 8, Full Review….

December 8, Rating: C- Full Review…. August 25, Full Review…. August 20, Full Review…. November 20, Rating: 2.

View All Critic Reviews See All Audience Reviews. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Video Game Movies Ranked. Best Netflix Series and Shows.

Go back. More trailers. Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted. Saturday Night Live. The Sinner. I've heard of this film but never decided to check it out.

Now that I sometimes go the library who even does this? The first intriguing thing about this film were all the very positive reviews for the director, the cast, the style and the deliver of the plot.

I don't see Imogen Poots in many things but there is definitely talent there. Don't get me started on Michael Shannon. He blows you away in Take Shelter, and did a fantastic job on Boardwalk Empire.

The pairing seemed a little odd at first but you soon realize how greatly they are able to complement each other. This film is about a jealous and possessive man and a damaged and lonely girl who fall for each other and their oft volatile relationship when its being tested.

Frank Shannon starts suspecting Lola of an affair and it starts to consume him, while Lola Poots tries to cover what she's doing by not being straight up with Frank.

Problems ensue, and we are in for a pretty riveting time. I'm not going to praise Shannon anymore but I do have to say he is great in a inquisitive and jealous lover role.

Lies are exposed and you can't help but feel a connection with both leads despite their very overt flaws.

Director Matthew Ross is clearly influenced by a few directors works and it shows. I got a few Brian De Palma and Hitchcock feels although many others would probably claim different influences.

The films is slightly erotic, moody, and makes you question what the truth is. Ross never really outwardly lays the plot in front of you and let it marinate.

Each minute that goes by you can't help but second guess what you previously thought. Its a really promising debut for someone that I've previously never heard of.

The film is quite short but a satisfying portrayal of a relationship that is marred by jealousy, paranoia, and angst. It's not exactly what I expected but I did really enjoy this outlook.

Relationships are not always easy peasy and sometimes its nice to get a take of a film that revolves around sex and the possibility of cheating, Seek this one out and watch it, its worth your time.

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User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Lola bails him out of jail the next morning and confides in him that her mother Patricia's previous boyfriend Alan Larsson, a Swedish millionaire, had raped her the previous summer.

She cites the resulting mental trauma as reason for her infidelity. Frank becomes obsessed with exacting revenge on Alan, and begins finding out details about him online.

One night, Frank is hired to cook dinner for Keith, who, impressed with his culinary skills, flies him out to Paris for a trial with a French restauranter.

Frank uses the trip as an opportunity to find Alan, intent on killing him. He tracks Alan down using information he gathered online, and follows him to a local bistro.

He introduces himself as "Keith", and tells Alan that he read his memoirs while studying at Northwestern University , where Alan was previously a professor.

Impressed that Frank is a "fan", he invites him back to his place for a drink. Once there, Alan becomes suspicious of Frank and deduces that Frank never attended Northwestern University and is in reality there to kill him.

Frank confronts him with a knife he concealed in his sleeve about Lola's rape, which Alan denies. Alan then shows Frank a sex tape with Lola and another woman, that shows Lola taking sexual orders from Alan.

Alan explains that the two of them were romantically involved and they had picked up the other woman from their favorite sex club.

Alan invites Frank to the club where he has a one-night stand with a wealthy Parisian woman and her friend. Meanwhile, the restauranter is impressed with Frank and he gets a job as the head chief in their new Las Vegas restaurant.

Frank flies back to Las Vegas, and after having sex with Lola, informs her that he has learned the truth from Alan and announces that he is leaving her.

The next morning, Frank deduces that the unknown man Lola had slept with was Alan, and asks Lola to tell him the truth about her affair with him.

Lola tells Frank that the wealthy woman who picked him up in the club was in reality Alan's wife Claire, and that Alan brings her men to sleep with in exchange for her allowing him to do whatever he wants.

She explains that Alan did in fact rape her while she was studying fashion in Paris, but that she had fallen in love with him due to Stockholm syndrome.

She discovered that she became pregnant with Alan's child, and that Alan left her upon discovering this.

Lola and Frank then tearfully break up with one another. After a meeting with the restauranter in Paris, he visits Claire who confirms Lola's side of things.

Frank then tracks Alan down again while he is in Las Vegas, hoping to have another encounter with Lola.

He puts a letter through Alan's door pretending to be Lola and asking him to met her in the hotel's closed restaurant, which is actually Frank's new restaurant.

There he confronts Alan a final time, and gets him to confess on camera that he thinks nothing of his wife and considers Lola to be his "prize".

When Frank attempts to blackmail Alan into leaving them alone by sending the surveillance tape to Claire via her email, Alan attacks him.

Frank gains the upper hand and beats Alan into submission, finally getting him to leave Las Vegas and Lola alone.

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